We’re all familiar with those pesky mosquitoes that sneak into our home and yard during the nicest time of the year. They take a nice summer day and ruin it with that annoying buzz and those endless itchy bites. But where do they come from? What causes them to swarm around us? More importantly, how can we get rid of them? Mosquito control is a real issue that seems impossible to tackle, but get to know the enemy and you just might have an itch-free summer.

It’s all about the temperature, weather, and humidity. It’s no secret that Lexington, Kentucky has all three. Mosquitoes typically live, breed, and hang out around puddles of standing water or in moist, dark areas. Typically, you won’t see them until it gets warm outside because the hotter the weather, the quicker mosquitoes complete their growth cycle. This means that those nice summer temperatures are the perfect time for mosquitos to settle down and create a giant family.

Getting rid of mosquitoes in Lexington is no easy feat if you’re trying to do it alone. However, it’s important to do because of the associated health risks and diseases they can carry with them, such as Zika and West Nile. The best way to prevent mosquitoes from using your limbs for lunch is to deprive them of what they need most. Clearing outstanding water from around your property and arming yourself with bug spray are two small ways to start, but can only go so far.

To get rid of the problem completely and effectively, you will likely need a professional preventative management option from a pest control company.

Preventative Mosquito Management and Inspection

If you’ve got a pesky mosquito problem, working with a Lexington pest control company is the quickest way to find the best control system. To begin, your pest control company should conduct a thorough property inspection and identify exactly what kind of mosquitoes are causing the problem. This also helps identify the location where they’re living, breeding, and developing.

Once you have all of the necessary information, the professionals can decide what type of treatment is recommended. Mosquito treatment is usually an integrated effort that involves source reduction plus the use of chemical control products.

Source Reduction:

The first way to reduce a mosquito infestation is to take care of the source. This means if you have standing water in your gutters, landscaping, lawn, or around your home, remove it, if possible. This is the first step in the most effective long-term treatment. In areas where source reduction isn’t an option, like around a pond, lake, or stream, a more aggressive treatment plan may be necessary.

Chemical Control Products:

Mosquito treatment can include a variety of chemical control products that are used in the areas where mosquitoes are likely to live, thrive, and breed. There are different types of chemicals that are combined with different types of treatment in the efforts of eliminating your mosquito problem.

Vegetation Treatment: For mosquitoes that are living, thriving, and breeding in thick vegetation, insecticides are used to kill the mosquitoes and protect the vegetation on and around your property. Residential insecticides are safe, effective, and affordable when used correctly. Homeowners can reduce the number of areas where adult mosquitoes can find shelter by cutting down weeds adjacent to the house foundation and in their yards and regularly mowing the lawn.

Water Treatment: Mosquitoes typically breed in standing water, so if your property is near a pond, marsh, or even a drainage area that collects rainwater, it is at risk. To treat mosquitoes within standing water, bacterial insecticides can prohibit the development of mosquito families by controlling the larvae. This type of treatment is highly specific and doesn’t harm plants, fish, or other animals in or near the water. Once you locate the breeding ground, microbial insecticide products can also be used for the purpose of preventing eggs from hatching.

Mosquito Control Treatment and Costs

Mosquitoes can cause more problems than simply itchy bumps on the skin or annoyance when trying to enjoy a cool summer night outdoors. They can also transmit serious illnesses to humans.

As of July 2016, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has confirmed several locally transmitted Zika virus cases in the United States’ southeastern region. Since no Zika vaccine exists, the best way to help reduce the risk of Zika virus is to reduce the mosquitoes themselves.

Mosquitoes in the House:

Mosquitoes like cool, shaded space, and can get inside pretty easily. Because mosquitoes are so small, and active both during the day and at night, they can get in any time they like. Overwatering your indoor plants can cause a mosquito problem as they only need a tiny amount of water to lay eggs. Some species of mosquitoes may also choose your home as a hibernation spot during the winter and then become active when it warms up outside. Indoor mosquitoes are most effectively treated with insecticides as long as the chemicals are used safely by professionals.

Costs of Mosquito Treatment:

The costs of mosquito control can vary depending on the size of the yard and the extent and frequency of treatment needed. From a can of bug spray to a full-property treatment, your options are vast. In order to calculate how much mosquito control treatments can cost, you must first determine the extent of your mosquito problem, which is most accurately identified by a pest control professional. For more information on pricing factors, simply contact us today.

Why Pest Control Pros?

Few things on Earth unite us like mosquitoes: everybody hates those blood-sucking parasites. They are the constant uninvited guest to summer barbeques, pool parties, and backyard gatherings. Understanding what makes mosquitoes tick (or suck) can help you better understand how to prepare for them and prevent them from ruining your summer. 

Mosquito treatment is usually an integrated effort involving source reduction plus the use of chemical control products when needed. Start early and keep the problem under control with professional pest control services before it becomes a giant infestation.

When you’re ready to tackle your mosquito problem and stop the swatting once and for all, give us a call!

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