No one is exempt from creepy crawler or pesky critters. Regardless of the business or industry you own or work for, every company or business needs commercial pest control service. The occasional pests and critters can hurt your reputation and disrupt day-to-day operations, while an infestation can ruin your business completely.

In some industries, like an office building or retail store, regular pest control maintenance may be sufficient to keep the pests at bay. However, for highly regulated facilities, such as food processing or restaurants, more stringent standards by the FDA or USDA may determine required control measures.

Whether you need routine maintenance or emergency service for an immediate problem, commercial pest control protects your employees, staff, and customers from pests. Commercial pest control service helps to keep your building clean and your reputation spotless.

Bed Bug Treatment

If you run a hotel, motel, Airbnb, nursing home, or hospital in Lexington, Kentucky, bed bugs are a top priority to make sure to manage. These types of businesses are hot spots for bed bugs, especially in the spring. According to CBS News, Kentucky ranks as one of the top places in the country for these creepy pests. 

Bed bugs feed off of humans, so it doesn’t matter how clean your facility is. They can still make themselves comfortable and stay for months. They hitchhike in suitcases, boxes, shoes, clothing and can even hide in joints of furniture. Any tiny crack or crevice close to humans make a comfortable home for a bed bug.

Among commercial establishments, 69 percent of pest professionals report they’ve treated bed bugs in hotels or motels. If you run or own any type of business in or near Lexington, Kentucky where guests are sleeping, regular inspections and treatments, if needed, must be a priority.

Insect Treatment

During the hot summer months, insects can crowd your business just the same as they crowd your home. Whether you run a retail store or an outdoor venue, swatting, spatting, and swarming bugs can ruin a good day of business.

Customers don’t want to have to look past the flying insects to see the products you offer. They want a clean and pest-free experience. Regular and ongoing insect treatment as part of your professional pest control management plan allows you to reduce or possibly eliminate the insects in and around your business throughout the summer months.

Rodent Removal

Fall means mice and rodent season. Rodents in any type of industry are one of the quickest ways to go out of business. Even hints of a rat problem can jeopardize your business. Between health and safety violations to fines from state and federal levels, word gets out and your business reputation is completely ruined. Rodents cause a major problem for commercial business owners.

Typical rodents found in or around a commercial business can include anything from typical mice and rats, but can also include things like squirrels and raccoons. Every business or company should partner with a pest control company in order to help manage their treatment and service options.

Regularly scheduled preventative pest control service from a professional helps to ensure in the fight against pests and rodents. Keeping these critters out and away from food storage and your property itself means you are protecting the public health, so you can better focus your efforts on providing outstanding service to customers.  

Termite Treatment

Build your business on a proper foundation, literally and figuratively, with termite help and guidance from an expert. Proper termite inspections are vital to homebuilders, buyers, sellers, and anyone who wants to build or already owns a commercial building or business establishment.

If an inspection is taking place for a real estate transaction, there are normally additional fees and a formal report must be submitted. This is why it’s important to find a commercial pest control company to complete your termite treatment process. Termite treatment performed by a professional offers thorough assessment, accurate identifications, and effective, long-lasting treatments.

At-Risk Industries

Any type of business should have some form of ongoing pest control as part of their best business practices. A simple bug bite, sting, or red mark on a health inspection can cause big problems for business owners. However, some industries should pay particular attention to their pest control measures.

  1. Restaurants: Restaurants are hot spots for pests, which is why restaurant owners must be vigilant. Seeing a fly at the mall or a cockroach at an automotive shop isn’t going to stop you from shopping, but a fly in your soup or a roach on the wall can ruin a restaurant’s reputation completely.
  2. Daycares and Nursing Homes: Any time you are dealing with children or the elderly, you must be extra attentive. These sensitive groups can become sick from simple bug bites. In addition, if they show up with a bite or infection, caregivers tend to spread bad news like wildfire and put you out of business fast.
  3. Schools: Bedbugs can be a particular concern at schools, from kindergarten to the college level. Because they have the ability to travel on humans and in our belongings, they can pop up anywhere. Every school should have a preventative bed bug plan as part of their ongoing pest control service.
  4. Warehouses: These can be a playground for pests, especially if your warehouse contains food items. Rodents, cockroaches, and termites love to hang out in warehouses where they can feed on a limitless supply of products. Entire pallets and full inventories can be ruined from a single infestation.

Commercial Pest Control Costs

Pest control contracts for commercial buildings can be contracted at a monthly, quarterly or annual rate. Of course, you can pay for a one-time treatment, but if you’re running a business, you want to protect your livelihood all year long, not just once a year.

The costs of services and treatments will depend on what type of problems you are experiencing, the size of your company’s property, or the infected area on the property. For example, if you need one-time service for a somewhat simple fix, you are looking at a lower bill from a professional standpoint.

On the other hand, for business owners who schedule monthly or quarterly service agreements, you may end up paying a little more than you would for a one-time service. However, preventative commercial pest control is typically more effective in completely reducing or eliminating the number of insects and pests that make it to your property.

Other services can vary in price depending on whether you are working on a preventative plan or a current infestation. Treating for rodents or small animals will be slightly more expensive. Some services, such as termite inspections, are often charged per linear foot, so the price can vary significantly depending on the size of your building.

Why Pest Control Pros?

Commercial pest control allows you to focus on growing your company with the peace of mind that your customers and employees are safe. One infestation of termites, bed bugs, or rodents can completely derail your business goals.

We understand that most businesses can’t simply shut down for a day or two for pest control service. That’s why we work around your schedule, coming in before or after hours to ensure you’re protected without disrupting regular business hours. We focus on taking care of those unwanted guests so you can focus on taking care of your customers.

Start off with regularly scheduled pest control services and protect your Lexington, Kentucky business from dangerous infestations down the road. Give us a call today.

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