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Do Natural Solutions for Ant Control Really Work?

A quick search of the internet provides hundreds of homemade solutions for natural ant control and a variety of pest control. But how do you know which of them work and which of them don’t? We went to the experts to see which natural ant control methods passed the test and which ones did not. Green Pest Solutions tried the apple cider vinegar trick with a colony of ants found in the kitchen. Apple cider vinegar is popular because it’s food safe and not harmful for children or animals, here’s what they found: Can [...]

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Natural Bee Removal Sweeping the Globe

If you’re not a fan of the buzzing of a bumblebee, you’re in luck. Insect populations are declining worldwide, and the bee family is one of the largest species affected. Like all living things, bees, bugs, and other insects have a natural life cycle. However, bigger issues are causing a worldwide decline in several insect populations across the globe. Pest Control Technology recently reported on the released by the journal Biological Conservation and explains this phenomenon:  Insect Populations are Declining Worldwide A new study published in the journal Biological Conservation, reports that insect populations [...]

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Zappers for Bug Control

If you’ve never used a bug zapper, you might be missing out on one of the easiest (and safest) forms of bug control. This simple invention is designed to both entice and eliminate common bugs from anywhere you are, leaving you undisturbed without using harsh chemicals. Bug zappers are often underestimated as a solution to insect removal. They are a simple premise and have been on the market since 1934, but have been improved over the years. Pest Killed, an in-depth resource for pest prevention, pest treatment, and pest elimination recently reported on exactly how [...]

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Lack of Flea Treatment Leads to Outbreak

Fleas are more than just an annoying pest that makes our dogs a little itchy. A recent outbreak in L.A. shows the severity caused by fleas. Bacterial diseases in humans can reach epidemic levels when flea treatment is not taken seriously. Buzzfeed first released the article in October 2018 regarding the flea problem among the homeless population of L.A.: Flea-borne Typhus Outbreak Spreading Through Los Angeles In 2018 alone there have already been 63 cases of typhus in the county, according to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. Typhus refers to a [...]

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Bug Bombs as a Cockroach Exterminator? Think Again

If you’re one of those people who stocks up on bug bombs and calls it pest control, you might want to think again. New research suggests that bug bombs may not actually do anything to control cockroaches, one of the most common bug problems. Sure, they look impressive when they fill the room with powerful pesticides, but that might just be all for show. Colonial Pest Control published a recent article on the cockroach exterminator problem.  Research Says Stop Wasting Money on Bug Bombs Bug bombs will kill some insects that are out in [...]

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